Nana Vasconcelos '4 Elementos'

Nana Vasconcelos '4 Elementos'
Charlotte Mackenzie

“4 Elementos” or “Four Elements” is a gem that comes as a follow up to Naná‟s incredible „Sinfonia & Batuques‟, winner of a Latin Grammy in 2011. This new offering reveals Brazil‟s most revered percussionist in his best form yet. Naná Vasconcelos creates and shapes sounds and ideas in his original compositions, with inventive and provocative results. On „4 Elementos‟ the listener is invited to join Vasconcelos on a deep and emotional musical journey.

Inspired by the four elements of nature, flowing from the stunning lyricism of ‘Légua Tirana’ a classic by the Brazilian legend Luiz Gonzaga to ‘Coco Lunar’ where Vasconcelos visualises a party in the cosmos, showcasing Brazilian rhythm in all its colour and vibrancy. In ‘Berimbando’ Naná goes back to his Berimbau and pays a beautiful homage to the percussionist Airto Moreira.

‘Nizinga’, was part of the original soundtrack of the 2007 movie ‘Nizinga’ directed by Octávio Bezerra. The theme of happiness in an earthly environment is strong, with its abundant instrumentation and choir. This then sets the mood for the next song, which is an eulogy to the singer Clementina de Jesus. Composed by Naná when he was visiting the Isle of Gorée, in Senegal, one of the biggest slave trade centres of the African continent and the starting point for many Brazilian slaves. Centuries afterwards, this song brings to the listener the African chant and spirit amalgamated with Brazilian musical energy.